Thursday, June 28, 2012

LOA, 800 Approval and now waiting on Article 5

So in the international adoption world all these acronyms mean so much to us! When we hear any of the above, we get very excited!! It just means one step closer to our babies. To you that don't understand the acronyms, I thought I would explain them a little more in detail because I have brought you into this journey and I feel like you should here goes!!

International Adoption Lingo

My lingo list will be specific to China.

Dossier: The compilation of official documents about the prospective adoption family. This includes birth & marriage certificates, medical exams, police back ground checks, employment letters, tax returns. All items in the dossier have to be notarized, certified by the secretary of state you live in, certified by the US secretary of state and authenticated by the Chinese embassy. COMPLETED!!

LL: Lifeline Children's Services, this is the fabulous agency that we are using.

DTC: Dossier to China, this the date that your agency sends your dossier to China. COMPLETED!!

LID: Log In Date, this is the date that the ChIna Center for Adoption Affairs records the acceptance of your dossier. COMPLETED!!

SN: Special Need, this is the program that refers children with a specified special need.

Referral: this is the package of information that contains your child's photo, medical and personal information. COMPLETED!!

LOI - This is the Letter of Intent that we sent to China asking them to give us approval to move forward with Ruthie's adoption. COMPLETED!!

LOA: Letter of Acceptance, this is the approval that China issues after you have accepted your referral. FINALLY COMPLETED!!!

I800A - Application to U.S. Immigration asking permission to bring a foreign born orphan into the country. COMPLETED!!

NVC: National Visa Center. After USCIS approves your immigrant visa petition (I-800/I-600), your petition is forwarded to the NVC in New Hampshire for immigrant visa pre-processing. This is only for U.S. adoptive parents.

Article 5 - letter authorizing permanent residence for Ruthie in the U.S.

TA - This is the Travel Authorization document that comes from the CCAA inviting us to come to China to adopt Bailey!  Boy will that be a wonderful day when we get the call that the TA has come!!!

CA: Consulate Appointment, this is the swearing in ceremony at the US Consulate in ChIna 

Gotcha Day - This is the day when we will finally be united with our sweet Ruthie Grace in China!

So where are we now?? Well we received our LOA after 100 days!! That was the longest wait during the entire process!! We received our Chinese Visas! That was pretty neat!! Our 800 paperwork was approved and now we are waiting on our Article 5 ....As soon as we get our Article 5, then we will only have one step between us and Ruthie!! Then off to China we will go!! Keep the prayers coming!! Fingers crossed our travel date will move up to August!! Woohoo!!

Blessings and Love to you all!!