Saturday, August 25, 2012

Welcome Home Ruthie!!!

Thursday as we traveled back we prayed for no anxiety and stress. Our Immigration and Security check in Hong Kong went great! We were able to get through security with Ruthie's milk, which was very surprising! So, we flew for 13 1/2 hours and per doctor, we were told to give her Benadryl and it worked! She slept for a about 10 hours on and off. The other few hours she ate and played. So, here comes the anxiety and stress! In Chicago, we were like the fast and the furious trying to get through customs and security then to our terminal in time. With 15 minutes to spare and a baby in an ergo in front of me while running down the airport halls and jumping on a shuttle bus, we finally made it! The other folks on the shuttle bus were wishing us well as we ran to the terminal! It was crazy and we had to get on that plane to Birmingham! When we arrived in Birmingham, we were welcomed by some amazing people. We had a nice welcome party with an awesome prayer from our pastor, Joel Frederick! We had such a great trip! What a great learning experience it was for us. The kids are still talking about it and the fun times they had in China. Most of all we were blessed by Ruthie Grace Sidan Boyd by joining our family!! She is a sure firecracker and is going to give us a run for our money!! She is very loving especially after you tell her "Boo" which means "No". She is into everything and loves to eat everything. She has brought so much more love and joy to our family. So much more laughter and smiles! :) God really did know what he was doing after all...:) 

Now back to reality and getting ready to start school!! :) Most of all we are so GLAD to be home in our beds!! :) 

Just wanted to share a few photos of our Welcome Home party at the airport.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Day 8 with Ruthie!!

I haven't forgotten Day 7!! It was the day we visited the orphanage that Ruthie spent 18 months of her life. I want to spend more time on it, so I will post soon!!! 

So, today, we visited the Guangzhou Zoo and a shopping mall!! We have had such a great time with Ruthie! She is really warming up to everyone and keeps a constant smile on her face. I will say that she is a little fire cracker and loves loves her brother and sister!! She is a typical 18 month old baby girl!! She loves to be heard and loves to be seen! She is a party starter and loves to make sure that everyone is happy. I have enjoyed watching her share her toys and food with others. She let's us see more of her sweet personality every day. What a blessing she is to us!! God knew what he was doing when he chose her for us!! God love her!!! 

As we were leaving the zoo, another Chinese girl asked Hailey if she would take a picture with her. She felt like a ROCK STAR!! It was so funny, but I was too slow on getting my camera out. Boo!! 

Here are a few pics from the zoo!!

We decided to go shopping with some friends! We were looking for toys, silk dresses and other random things. We ended up buying a Chinese tea set, chopsticks, training chopsticks, Chinese traditional dresses for Hailey and Ruthie, Chinese dolls and some neat toys for Ruthie. She loves them!! Here are a few pics from the "mall" and our way home. 

Tomorrow is our Consulate Appointment to take oath and deliver our visa documents for Mao Si Dan (Ruthie or nickname "Dan Dan") Goodness, we love this sweet girl!! We will also go on a dinner cruise tomorrow night!! Just a few days left and we will be headed back to Alabama!! 

Blessings & Love,

Saturday, August 18, 2012

Day 6 with Ruthie!!

What a great day we had today!! Ruthie's medical appointment went great! No tears from those almond eyes!! Then we went to lunch and then to the hotel. Tomorrow we will visit the orphanage (Maoming) that Ruthie had been for the past 18 months. It will be nice to spend some time with the orphanage director and Ruthie's Nanny!! It will be a long day, but a blessing for sure! God is so good and we are so thankful that he has blessed us with a little fire cracker!! 

Blessings & Love,