Monday, August 13, 2012

Ruthie is finally in our arms!!

What a journey to Ruthie!! We finally have her in our arms! So today was our "Gotcha Day"!! When we walked in the Civil Affairs Office, we walked past the room where she was and she was standing there looking around. It just melted my heart!! She was wearing an outfit that I sent to her through our sweet social worker a few months back. They had to stitch the shorts up because they were too big! She is a petite little girl. However, she eats like her brother does. One thing after another!! She loves french fries! Oh and can feed herself!! The cleft lip/palate does not phase her one bit. If she likes it, she wants it! When her nanny placed her in my arms, we sat down and I opened her diaper bag and pulled out some rice cakes. I thought she was going to jump out of my arms to get them!! She grabbed them after I opened the package and ate every bite of it!!
The minute she was placed in my arms, she never cried or whimpered (much), but she gave us "her look"! Cutting those almond eyes at us just melted my heart again and made me laugh! She had no problem going to her daddy, brother or sister! Arms up and get me!! :) We are so blessed and we owe it all to Him!! We have received the greatest gift of all!!

We are so lucky to have Ruthie in our lives!! What a blessing she will be to our family and many many more!! 

After we left the Civil Affairs office and got back to the hotel room, we introduced Ruthie to all of her toys! She loved them and is so smart! Her Nanny said that she is "tough like boy", "very smart" and "love to eat". She fits right in!! Oh the joy of having toys spilled all over the floor again!! Lovin' it!! The below pictures say it all!! 

So thankful that God chose us to be her Forever Family!! We have quite the journey ahead of us, but we can do it through Him!! God bless you all and thank you so much for praying for us!! 

Blessings & Love,



  1. Congratulations! She is beautiful!

  2. I think her and Chase could get into some trouble together!

  3. God is so good!!! And Ruthie Grace is so cute! Looks like she's got lots of people wrapped around that little finger. :)

  4. I am so happy for your family, Julie!! Love, love, love your pictures!!

  5. Julie, I love the photo of you and Ruthie with your arms around each other here. So sweet, it melts my heart and brings tears of joy to my eyes. Jill Shoemaker Johnson