Thursday, August 2, 2012


On Monday, we received the call that we received our TA, travel approval, from China!!! We were told that we should received our CA, consulate appointment, within a few days. Well, yesterday, we got the email that WE ARE GOING TO CHINA!!! Hallelujah!! Our Gotcha Day is August 13th!!! That is in 12 days!!! Our consulate appointment will be on August 21 and we will head home on August 22!!! Sooner than we thought! PTL! Just a few more sleeps before we head to China to pick up our daughter, Ruthie Grace!! 
I will post more information as soon as I receive our itinerary from Lifeline. Please continue to follow our journey to China as I will be blogging and posting pictures while we are in China, especially Gotcha Day!! 

Blessings & Love,

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