Friday, August 17, 2012

Day 5 with Ruthie!!!

What a relaxing day!! Nap time it is and I just wanted to show you guys some real beauty here in Guangzhou. We were not able to go and visit Ruthie's orphanage, Maoming, because of a typhoon that is hitting that area. 

We went to Yuntai Garden. It is a botanical garden in Guangzhou. I have attached several pictures for you guys. It was absolutely beautiful. Of course it is the year of the dragon!! We walked up about 2000 steps up a mountain and sat up top and looked over the city! It was beautiful!! 

The historical city of Guangzhou is not only well known for its historical monuments and rich history, but boasts of some of the popular parks and gardens renowned all over the world. These pictures will show you how beautiful it really is!! 

Also, we had our 1st uh-oh with cheerios!! Normally, I would not laugh, but she had me crying!! :) It was hilarious!!  The laughs and tears that we have had with her will never be forgotten!! What a blessing she is to us!!! 

And finally, Good Night!!! 

Blessings and Love!!


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