Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Day 3 with Ruthie!!

So today was a very eventful day! Ruthie has come out of her shell a little more, well a whole lot more! She is so playful with us and she loves to tease!! It amazes me at how well she is warming up to us. I know, I know.....God had this the whole time!! He knew exactly what he was doing when he placed her in our life!! I thank Him constantly all day everyday for this journey and for our precious Ruthie!! I have learned that her eyes tell it all!! I can tell just by looking at her eyes whether she is happy, sad or tired. How did I do that in just 3 days??? Well, I am her Mom after all. :) Take a look at these sweet eyes and tell me what you think!! :)

We visited the Police Station in Guangzhou today to apply for Ruthie's visa and passport. They both should be ready soon. That was a quick process and we headed to the toy store!! The stores that are in the community of Guangzhou are tiny. You can walk in turn completely around and see everything in the store. It is about the size of my walk in closet. These stores are downstairs from apartments. They are also the apartments that I mentioned a few posts ago. They hang their clothes out to dry on clothes lines. There are lots of people on bicycles and in cars. There are no STOP signs! So, the driving makes me a nervous wreck. When you want to cross the street, you better go! It kinda reminds me of Frogger, the drivers have the right away or so they think. At first I thought it was road rage but it is not, that is just the way they drive.  So here are a few pics of the streets of Guangzhou. 

The above two pictures are of CSC Mood Restaurant. It is a higher end restaurant in Guangzhou that is a "hot pot" restaurant. The food was fabulous! Basically what "hot pot" means from what we were told was that most Chinese homes have a lazy susan in the middle of the table and they place all the food on that table, then turn it around to share the different dishes. The food was fantastic. It reminded the kids of Stixx, however, instead of spending $150.00 at Stixx we spent $15.00 for a huge amount of food!! :) See below....

Ruthie loved it!!! She is so independent and loves to feed herself. After feeding herself, she put her bowl on top of her plate, then placed her bottle in her bowl. She then proceeded to clean the table. We just sat there and watched her! It was absolutely amazing!! What a precious angel!!

So, this is what I couldn't wait to share with you all! We went to Trust Mart which is owned by Walmart. They still sell the Greater Value items, only in Chinese.
Check out these pictures!!

Some of them grossed me out, but Steve and Carson were in heaven! Steve took the photographs and I was trying to keep Ruthie from pulling everything off the shelves! Love love love that girl!!!

I will post more later. We are about to leave for breakfast then head to the Chen Clan Academy. Check it out! It is going to be so cool!!

Chen Clan Academy, also known as Ancestral Temple of the Chen Family, was built as a college in 1888. Chen Clan Academy was designated as the Guangdong Museum of Folk Art in 1959. With its typical magnificent architecture features, the academy is honored as the representative of Cantonese architectures and folk arts.

Blessings & Love!!


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