Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Day 2 in Guangzhou

So, Ruthie Grace Sidan Boyd is legally ours!! We completed the paperwork today at the Civil Affairs office with two interviews. So thankful! Ruthie has been an angel!! She has only cried a few times - change diaper, wipe nose, you know the typical!! She is all smiles and loves to play!! Here are a few pics of her playing!!

She loves her brother and sister!! The bond that is forming between the three of them is amazing to watch! All smiles!! It just makes my heart smile and happy tears flow knowing that God had this planned all along! Love my three kiddos!! 

Steve and I both have complete faith in God and knew that he would make it possible to bring Ruthie home. We just didn't realize how our journey was going to turn out especially not being able to speak the language. God showed up and showed out!! We have the best guide ever and also another couple with us has been so much help!!! Our sweet guide has helped us with everything from grocery shopping to making copies of paperwork to holding and loving on our babies!! She is fabulous!! We love her so much!!  A picture of Rebecca and Ruthie is below!! :) 

I was not sure how I would like the food here in China........I love it!! We have been so blessed to be traveling with a family that lived in Guangzhou for 4 years. They have been a huge blessing to us! They have shown us some fabulous Chinese restaurants that are super cheap and the food is out of this world! We will definitely know how to use chop sticks by the end of this trip for sure!! God knew what he was doing by allowing us to travel with The Williams family in China! Such a sweet and loving family!! 

Homemade noodles!! Fabulous!!

So, we are starting day 3 today!! Applying for Ruthie's passport today!! Will update with more pics later!! 

Blessings and love!!


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  1. Thank God for leaving you the time and energy to post these updates. We are really enjoying them, and the pictures! -SP