Saturday, September 1, 2012

A visit to Maoming Orphanage

During our trip to China, we made a visit to Ruthie's orphanage, Maoming Orphanage. The drive was 4 1/2 hours there and 4 1/2 hours back with all five of us including our guide and driver. It was a nice long day drive, although we did sleep a little bit. We saw lots of rice fields, corn fields and bamboo fields. We were able to see the Chinese working, riding bikes from one field to another or hanging out clothes to dry on the clothes line. There were lots of factories and warehouses. It is amazing at just how our worlds are so different. We finally made it to Maoming. It is a small town with lots of people in cars, on scooters and bikes. Ruthie (Si Dan) was born in Maoming and abandoned near the local hospital underneath a pavilion. She was left with a note possibly from her birth mother stating that she was born on February 2, 2011. The pavilion is right next door to the hospital. She was left in a box wrapped in a blanket. 

When we arrived at the orphanage, we were greeted by the orphanage director. Ruthie went straight to her and just hugged her. We walked upstairs to where Ruthie ate, slept and played. We first walked into the playroom and her Nanny fed her lunch which consisted of congee (kinda like porridge), rice, egg, pork and chicken soup. She drank the chicken soup after to wash everything down. :) We played in the play room with a few nannies, the orphanage director and our guide, Rebecca. We enjoyed talking and taking pictures. Our guide translated for us and for them as well. Ruthie's nanny said that she could tell that Ruthie will be very well taken care of and loved very much! It meant a lot to hear that from someone that has only "known" us for a very short period of time and loved our child for the past 18 months. Ruthie's adoption was an expensive process, however, there is not enough money in this world that could take the place of this journey or Ruthie! I am in forever indebted to this woman that loved, fed and played with my Ruthie!! We are two women so many many miles apart that love Ruthie so very much!! 

We then made our way to the room where Ruthie slept. It was a room full of beds and sweet babies! Some are waiting on their forever families….To God be The Glory!! The beds were side by side and the babies were able to see each other through the bars. Ruthie handed out dum dum suckers to her friends. She was the oldest in her group and you could tell that for sure. She was the helper and soother of the kids. Anytime one was upset, she would share her toy and pat them on the back. Precious!! 

We went to the kitchen where the kids eat. There was  a long table made of 2x2's with spaces in between. If the children are not old enough to sit up by themselves, they teach them to hold onto the table with one hand and feed themselves with the other hand. It was amazing to hear that as I couldn't imagine an infant not being able to sit up, but hold him/herself up and eat with the other hand. 

We walked downstairs to the orphanages meeting room and I was able to take pictures of Ruthie's only file, one piece of paper. I was also able to view the letter that was left with Ruthie written by the birth mother (they think).

The orphanage trip was a wonderful experience! I am so thankful that we had the opportunity to visit it. These woman love the children of Maoming and take care of them to the best of their ability. One day I will explain this to Ruthie. 

After we left the orphanage the director rode with us to Ruthie's abandon spot. It is a pavilion outside of the hospital where Ruthie was possibly born. I was told by the director that more than likely what happened with Ruthie was that her parents were poor and could not afford insurance. They would not have had the funds to have her cleft lip and palate corrected, so they only did what they thought was right. I thank God for her parents and the decision that they made for Ruthie. She is a God sent from the words "Yes, we will adopt from China!" I adore this sweet soul and pray that God will continue to burden our hearts to raise all 3 of our children His way. Our home is filled with so much joy and laughter! 

Blessings and Love,



  1. Julie, I am in love with your beautiful famly and the precious love you share.. Blessed to have shared in your story and to meet such wonderful souls! I pray for your story of unconditional love to keep spreading blessings and faith - that GOD is in control and he very much loves his children <3 Thank You! (Melissa)

    1. Thank you Melissa!! It was a blessing to meet you all as well!! Steve and I wish we all lived closer as we would love to spend more time with you all! God's work is amazing!!

  2. So interesting to see. Glad to know that she was in a loving place.

  3. I found your blog thru google search when I searched Maoming. We were just matched with a little girl from there. I loved reading this post AND seeing the pictures! I found you on FB and realized we have several friends mutual! Also, I saw a pic of you and you look REALLY familiar! So glad to connect with other China Mommies. Blessings, cat moore ( , 'catdmoore' on FB and Instagram)