Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Latest Update........

It has been a few weeks since the last update. I wanted to update you guys on where we are in our adoption process. My finger prints were finally received!! We both received a letter from DHR in Montgomery stating that our background/criminal history was checked and was clear!! :) We have completed lots of paperwork and are in the process of reading a few books and getting some training done. The book that I am reading is quite thick!! Steve chose the thinner one and left the thicker one for me!! :) It is called Adoption Parenting. It has some great short stories! It really puts things into perspective and how our lives are going to change and how to raise a child that is from the other side of the world!! We both pray that we retain the information that we are learning from all the reading, studying and researching. Through it all we are doing our best to keep Carson and Hailey updated as well. They are still super excited and love praying to God about our "China Baby"!!

When we are not reading/training/studying, we have been doing a few fundraisers. We have sold small crosses, large crosses, crayon rolls, chalkboard place mats and a few other things. I have been taking pictures at our local ballpark for Allstars, photographing children and selling candles. All proceeds from the photography to candles to handmade items are going straight towards the adoption. We have been so blessed with the response that we have received on all three different fundraisers! God has truly worked through our buyers through the different fundraisers and we have enjoyed every minute of it!! We have faith in God and trust him and will continue to keep patient as he is guiding us!! God is so good!!! This weekend we will be selling our handmade items at Tannehill State Park at trade days. Hopefully, fingers crossed this weekend will be a success!!! God bless the buyer and the seller (us)!! We have almost made it to our first goal!! We hope to meet our first goal by the end of this weekend!!

I have had a fabulous week so far and it all started with church and the fish fry this past Sunday. I have had so many friends come up to me and say that they are praying for our adoption journey!! It has really made our heart smile and God surely has sent his messages through our dear friends and family. We are truly blessed!!! Every time I hear someone say that they are praying for us daily,  it just makes our hearts smile!!! Our relationship with God is growing more and our faith is growing too!!  God is so good!!! What a glorious day we have to look forward to!!!

Please continue to keep us in your prayers.

Will update everyone at the end of this coming up weekend!! Can not wait! Keep your fingers crossed and prayers coming!!

Blessings and Love,


BTW- We are able to take donations on our blog now through paypal. Thank you so much!!!

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