Friday, November 30, 2012

3 months home and truly blessed!!

I am so past due on posting an update about Ruthie and her last few sorry! Well, alot has happened since my last post. Ruthie received her COC-certificate of citizenship a few weeks back! She is officially an American citizen and an orphan no longer! Super exciting!

Ruthie has also had her 1st surgery to correct her cleft lip. She was beautiful and is still beautiful! When she came out of surgery and was waking up she had a hard time with the i.v., heart moniter and blood pressure wrap being attached to her. Nothing made her comfortable enough. She ate what she could and drank tons. Dr. Peter Ray at Childrens Cleft Clinic performed her surgery. He was fabulous! His entire staff was great! There is absolutely nothing to complain about nor would I change. She and I spent the night, slept on and off and watched t.v. Unfortunately, the language on t.v. was in Spanish. I couldn't understand a word and Ruthie just stared at it. Overall Ruthie did great ! The doctor came in the morning we were supposed to leave and just loved on her and said that it was a privilege for him to be the one to perform surgery on Ruthie.....I sat there and was just in awe over his statement. What a gift from God! His talent has been put to use in so many ways and has blessed so many children that will be able to have a second chance at life! I looked at him and his intern and said, "No, it was an honor for us to be able to say that he performed the surgery on Ruthie!" What a fabulous surgeon he is! The difference that he has made in her is remarkable! I thanked God for him and his staff. When it was time to head out, she just walked down the hallway waiting for our guide to come and help us to our car. Ruthie greated everyone with a big Hi, then we headed home! She is so sweet and friendly! 

Well, we got home and you just have to know Ruthie and her very independent self to know what the next week was like. She didn't want what the doctor prescribed for her to eat. He asked that we give her food that splatters when you hit it with a spoon. We served her many "saucy" type foods, but she was not going to sit there and watch you eat something without having a bite! :) She knew how to push it to one side of her mouth so that it would not hit her lip. She just blows me away! I just love her and her firecracker personality! She didn't mess with her lip very much and knew that it was different but accepted it. 

We have a few more surgeries to go.....but we know God has this and will continue to hold her in his hands. He sure has done a fabulous job! I love to seeing her journey unfold. The Sunday after Ruthie's surgery was Orphan Sunday at church. Ruthie was dedicated at church. What a wonderful day it was! So thank for our church family and for God allowing Ruthie to come into our family! 

We are so blessed with wonderful children!!

Blessings & Love!


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