Saturday, December 1, 2012

Our 1st Thanksgiving as a family of 5

What a November!! I can't count the many many reasons why we are so thankful! November has been full of so many events. I started back to work on November 5th and shed many tears when I left Ruthie for the first time. I was sad but also very thankful that she was staying with my parents. They are there to love her and give her what she needs while I am at work. So thankful! :) I was very thankful to get to work and be missed by so many folks as well! The transition back to work was so easy. I missed my co-workers and are very thankful for having such a great job and great folks to work with everyday.

This was Ruthie's first Thanksgiving with us. She had such a great time! The Sunday before Thanksgiving we celebrated at church then with Steve's family. We enjoyed taking her to church and then to her first gathering. She had such a good time! She loved all the food and especially loved all the desserts. :) She got to meet new cousins and family and fit right in with them all. What a blessing it is to introduce her to so many folks that love her dearly! 

Thanksgiving Day, we got up early, watched the Macy's Day parade (we do every year) and took off to my sister, Brandi's house. Ruthie also got to meet some family that she had not met before. Ruthie enjoyed the food and of course all the desserts again. She was thrilled to be there to play with her cousins. We stayed outside some and watched all the kiddos playing. Ruthie would eat some, play, eat some more and then play again. I loved seeing her eat and her favorite thing to eat other than the desserts was green beans! We could not keep enough on her plate. It is just amazing to me at how she loves vegetables!

And she is out! She had so much fun! Every day is a new day and it continues to share all the many blessings that we have received from God. I am so blessed and filled with so much joy!

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