Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Christmas in Ruthie's Eyes

Ruthie had such a great Christmas! She would get so excited and loved the decorations and going different places to look at lights. She would stand in front of the tree and stare. It was precious!! We had lots of time to make ornaments, decorate and make lots of cookies and other goodies! She probably tasted more sweets this month than she has in her entire lifetime. Her favorite is still the OREO cookies. It doesn't surprise me, that has been the cookie of the house since Carson was a baby. 

First we made Salt Ornaments! We enjoyed making these........however, Ruthie was a little skeptical..:) 

Wrapping presents was alot of fun! As you can see below, Ruthie enjoyed it as well. Little does she know that God gave us our Christmas present in August and she did not have to be wrapped. What a beautiful gift!

Before we move on to the Christmas parties and visiting every one's home, I wanted to stop and reflect on Ruthie and just how much she has healed from her surgery on her lip in October. She has done wonderfully with it and has not let it slow her down not one bit. I am so thankful! As we "doctor" it every night with cocoa butter Vaseline, it just reminds me of how much she had endured over the past 23 months (18 in China and 5 in United States). She is one strong little girl! She is very independent and wants to only do for herself. What I mean by that is she wants to feed herself, apply her ointment, carry her diaper bag.......you name it, she wants to do it. I just love this little firecracker! Here are a few pics that actually reveal her personality a little more too!!

As we enjoyed spending time with our familes, I was able to capture these moments of Ruthie and all the excitement. She did so well and enjoyed being with our family. She loved opening gifts and loved eating.....well grazing. She would eat a little bit, then play and come back for more. I just can't help but think of where she was this time last year and how far she has come. God is gracious and his light definitely shines through her almond eyes. 

Oh what fun! Christmas Day was a bit more overwhelming for her. She had fun, but the decision of which toy to choose from was too exciting! :)

While we enjoyed the opening of presents and yummy food, we thanked Jesus. After all it is His day. We are thankful to him for our little Ruthie Grace. I am also so very thankful to be able to capture these pictures and share with others. I love her hugs, her kissses and sweet eyes! I love her personality......I love that she loves her siblings.......I love that she loves her Daddy...............Lately, I love that after 4 months she now calls me "Muma" (Mommy). I am so thankful for her little voice and big big smile!

Blessings and Love!


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