Saturday, May 4, 2013

Happy Mother's Day China Mommy!

Happy Mother's Day, China Mom. I am not sure if they celebrate Mother's Day in China.But there is a Mom somewhere in Maoming, China that I will be honoring this Mother's Day. It is impossible not to think about her every day when I dress Ruthie, comb her beautiful silky hair or watch her run up and down the hallways. Oh and stand in front of the refrigerator for a while deciding which color popsicle she would like next. I wonder if she looks like her Mommy or has the spunky personality like her. If she does, I would so want to be her friend!! What a blast she would be! :)        
We received her Alabama birth certificate in the mail this week and it states my name, Julie Lynn Bates Boyd as her mother. The joy that brought to my heart. Just knowing that she is forever mine and I can call her my daughter is overwhelmingly wonderful. Part of me knows that before I claimed the title of "Mommy".....she had a Mommy that I believedeep in my heart wanted better for her. I wonder if she thinks of us and Ruthie? I have come to learn the importance that it is for many adoptees to know that at some point in their lives they can, if they choose, have a reunion with those who share their genetic makeup. But because of the reality of Chinese adoptions, Ruthie will never have this opportunity.  So, with each passing Mother's Day, she will have to face with how to deal with and try to understand that she will never be able to meet the woman that was her first Mommy. We must remember China Mommy every year. I wish I could tell her that the little girl she gave birth to has a smile as broad and beautiful as a field of daisies, that she is vibrant and energetic, and that she is a child with a joyful heart. Better yet, I wish she could see that for herself and that I could tell her that her sacrifice gave me the gift of mothering this sweet angel.                        
I know in my heart that my daughter, Ruthie, is the child I was meant to have, even though she was not born from me. That’s why, as I send my own mother a card this Mother’s Day, I write this to honor my daughter’s birth-mother, and every other woman who has made the difficult decision not to parent a child she has brought into this world. Without China Mommy and others like her, thousands of women like me would not be celebrating Mother's Day with our China babies and to provide a better life for them.                                                                                
I love my Ruthie! 
Blessings & Love!

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