Wednesday, May 4, 2011

First chat with our social worker at Lifeline

Oh what a week it has been!! Today Steve and I had a conference call with our social worker at Lifeline. We discussed a few things that will be coming up soon and that is our home study. We will have someone meet with us a few times, once in our house and the other times at Lifeline. We have a ton of paperwork to complete and lots of things to think about!! Wow at the paperwork!! I printed off one chapter of the Adoption manual and placed it on the counter for Steve to see and he was surprised that it was that thick and talked about it for a minute and I said so kindly, "That is only one chapter." For neither of us to be big readers, we sure have a job cut out for us!!! We also discussed the "short version" of the next few months and what is in store for us. Just listening to the social worker talk about her love for China and special needs children was amazing! It just made our hearts smile!! You could hear the love in her voice and also the love she has for our Almight God!! What a journey we have ahead of us!! We are so in love with adopting a child and raising this child up in the house of the Lord!! God is so good to us and has shown us so much through these past few months that I could only wish that others that are lost could find!! I pray to God everyday that would happen!! Praise God for given us the patience, time and courage to go on this journey!! So many questions have been asked of us about adopting and why would we do this? Y'all have it made, you have everything!! We don't have everything, knowing that we are doing this work for God means much more than any ole' thing to us!! What about Carson and Hailey, what do they think? They are older and you are going to have to start all over. Yea, God had to start all over with us too!! He did not give up on us, he kept pushing us and showing his love for us!! That is exactly what we want to do for this child. Carson and Hailey are being taught through the love of Christ what this is all about!! They are included in everything that we do, from fundraising to prayers!! I love them so much, that I would do anything for them, just as Christ would do for us!! I don't consider myself a mom of 2 anymore, I consider my self a mom of 3, 2 natural and 1 supernatural!!

I have learned this week more than anything that being a Christian is hard!! But, every step off the way that we are getting closer to this adoptions is so worth it!! Our relationship with the Lord is growing more and more each day and we are loving it!!! Thank you Jesus for loving us and trusting in us!! How great you are!!!!

A verse that I just read from a cousin of mine on facebook is so fitting!!!

Here I am!! I stand at the door and knock. If anyone hears my voice and opens the door, I will come in and eat with him and he with me.  Revelation 3:20

Wow!! How awesome is that!!

Until next time, Blessings and Love!!


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