Sunday, May 15, 2011

New Fundraiser - Gold Canyon Candles- Fundraiser will run 1 month!!

These candles are fabulous and great gifts!! I have a few that I love and have lasted forever!! All the scents are fabulous as well!! If you are interested in purchasing a candle, please post a comment and I will reply to you! Thank you and God Bless!

Gold Canyon provides The World’s Finest® candles

8 oz candle $16.50
16 oz candle $20.50
26 oz candle $24.50

Ginger Lime: Bold citrus and a spicy blast of ginger make this an intriguing and distinctive fragrance that will enliven any environment. 
Cinnamon Vanilla: Genuine cinnamon and natural vanilla creamed together to create a combination of sweet and spicy. 
Cranberry Orange: This unique blend is reminiscent of tart cranberries, fresh citrus orange, blackberry and warm spicy cinnamon.
Cedar Woods: A naturally soothing scent of the earth’s most gracious gifts—sweet bergamot, calming jasmine and fresh cedarwood.
Clean Sheets: The warm feeling of crisp, clean sheets captured through a breezy blend of fruits and florals with touches of musk.
Apple: Fresh & crisp with the perfect mix of sweet and tart. Experience a juicy apple with notes of fresh peach for extra sweetness.
Sugar Cookie: Sweet cream, butter, sugar and vanilla baked to a golden perfection. A customer favorite you must experience for yourself!
Moroccan Amber Vanilla: This scent journey brings a sultry sensation with alluring hints of smooth sandalwood & amber. An appealing layer of creamy vanilla, sun-warmed woods & earthy patchouli create magical Morocco. 
Sparkling Apricot: Fresh apricot notes accented by mango and a unique nectar accord are the spirit of this sparkling fragance.
Citrus Cream: A fragrant fusion of tangerine and grapefruit accented by gentle hints of berries, plum and vanilla. 
Grass: Fresh-cut grass captured with notes of rain-softened foliage, geraniums, lilies and light hints of fresh orange and rose.
Lavender: Enjoy the soothing fragrance of cool lavender. A classic floral bouquet used for thousands of years to help set a relaxing & therapeutic mood throughout the home.
Pumpkin pie: Indulge in the fall season’s favorite treat all year long with the perfect aromatic combination of pumpkin spices and rich cream. 
Sweet Pea: A fusion of sweet fruits—pineapple & nectarine—softly layered around a heart of organic sweet pea and lilies.
Pomegranate: Expreience this bestselling fragrance of fresh pomegranate—a fusion of peach, strawberry and green apple scents.

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