Saturday, May 14, 2011

Happy Happy Happy

Just wanted to give a brief update!! We were scheduled to be at the Birmingham's Largest Yard Sale today to sell our handmade items and it was postponed due to the weather. Wow!! Oh how God works!! What a blessing that is to postpone it! I knew that I was pressing for time and had to stay up and get things done to be there and I was not very prepared for it! My goal was to complete 50 crosses and 30 chalkboards and so on. Well, I had not even made it even close to those numbers. My goal seemed unreachable. Well God had other plans, so he postponed the yard sale until next weekend and sent 10 orders my way to deliver this weekend!! I am in awe over the response he has sent my way! Thank you Jesus!! So, Steve and I took Friday off to get some things done and now I am over half way to my GOAL!! God is so good and he will never fail you!! We are super excited about the yard sale next weekend and can not wait to see what God has in store for us!! God has given us rest and peace during this adventure and boy have we learned so much! Our "surprise party" only keeps getting better!! I love being in God's court and not mine!! Today will be another day of painting and tomorrow will be a day of paperwork! Oh, the paperwork!! Dear God, please give us the focus to pay attention to every detail and every word. Give us the peace and patience to know that this paperwork leads to a very special person that will be forever changing our lives and will come to know you, precious God!!!

Thank you all for supporting us and praying for us!! We need prayer so very much!!!

Blessings  & Love,

Steve and Julie

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